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Sun, Sea, and a Full Head of Hair

Read our patient stories to find out why so many patients choose Malta’s leading hair restoration clinic or book a Free Online Consultation

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Malta’s offical second language is English and because of its geographical location, most people speak Italian as well.


While hair restoration costs are significantly lower than in many other European countries, the quality of care and results are not compromised.


Malta has been recognized by the World Health Organisation as offering some of the best healthcare in the world.


Weather, Beaches, Culture. It is no surprise that Malta is consistently named in surveys as one of the best places to visit.

Results that speak for themselves

Our team of hair restoration specialists is trained to the highest international standards so they are able to give you amazing and natural looking results. This level of skill only comes from having performed thousands of successful hair restoration surgeries. But don’t just take our word for it. Visit our patient’s stories page for 100% authentic before and after photos of our satisfied patients.


Outstanding Reputation

Here at The Malta Hair Clinic we have successfully transformed the lives of thousands by providing incredibly naturally looking results. Former patients happily continue to refer friends and family to our clinic as they know too well what life changing results we offer.

We are extremely proud of our achievements and at being responsible for giving people a new lease of life by restoring the confidence in those who have been affected by hair loss.

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Internationally renowned specialists

Our own hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Ioannis Papangelopoulos is an internationally renowned specialist. With over 20 years of experience and having had performed over 3000 hair transplant surgeries, we are more than pleased to have him as our resident surgeon. A true veteran in his field, Dr. Papangelopoulos has pioneered the latest cutting-edge hair restoration techniques all over Europe.

We at The Malta Hair Clinic, along with Dr. Ioannis Papangelopoulos, have created a technical team of outstanding skill consisting of local and foreign specialists to ensure your hair transplant surgery is a success, giving you the results you expect and be happy with.

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Sun, sea, and a full head of hair

Read our patient stories to find out why so many patients choose Malta’s leading hair restoration clinic or book a Free Online Consultation

Are you a good candidate for Hair Transplant Surgery?

If you have ever considered having hair restoration and/or travelling to a hair restoration clinic for surgery, your first step is to have an online consultations with us. Not only is this free but, more importantly, it will provide you with valuable information required to assist you in making the right decisions. This free consultation also enables us to evaluate if you are a good candidate for surgery and help provide a personalized quote for the cost.

No cost. No obligation. Not only is this consultation free but there is no obligation to proceed any further. We want each and every one of our patients to feel completely at ease every step of the way.

Get Started

Find out in a few simple steps if you are a good candidate for hair restoration. Our free online consultation form is quick and easy. Once submitted you will get an assessment back within 2-4 business days.

Approximate duration: 5 minutes

We’ll let you know:

  • If you’re a candidate for hair transplant surgery
  • Whether your goals can be realistically obtained
  • An estimate of the number of grafts required to achieve your goals
  • An estimate of cost for the procedure

Send Us Your Pictures

To help us provide an accurate estimate we ask you to send us your contact information, transplant history and pictures of your hair loss and donor area.

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