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Hair Restoration Packages

In our years of extensive experience in dealing with questions and enquiries about hair transplant procedures, we’ve certainly learned that one of the first questions prospective patients have is ‘what is the cost of a hair transplant?’ Since the cost of a procedure heavily depends on the individual, we always recommend a consultation with one of our specialists to get the best cost estimate. Therefore, the prices on this page should just be interpreted as guidelines.


How it Works

By using the cost calculator below you should be able to get a good approximation of the costs of your hair restoration procedure, including your accommodation. Further down the page you’ll find additional information on the required number of grafts for your FUE/FUT procedure and on your stay in Malta.




Number of Grafts Required

This chart shows the Norwood Classification system of hair loss, which helps provide a general guideline for the number of follicular unit grafts needed in a hair transplant procedure. You’ll need to assess for yourself in which category you fall in order to estimate the number of grafts needed for your procedure.



Malta offers a wide range of accommodations since it’s a popular holiday destination. Over the years we have developed good relationships with many hotels and agencies, allowing us to offer you the absolute best prices on accommodations. Of course, you are free to arrange your own accommodation as well.

Length of Stay

People choose Malta as a destination for their hair restoration procedure for many reasons. One of which is the fact that it’s an amazing holiday destination. This means that accommodation prices in summer are significantly higher – luckily, mid-summer isn’t the greatest time for hair transplant procedures. Secondly, while some of you just come for a weekend to get the procedure done, others see this as an opportunity to extend their stay and combine it with a holiday!

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