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Results That Speak For Themselves

These patients were once in your shoes. They once researched hair transplant surgery just like you. They once wondered exactly the same things you do. Does hair transplant surgery hurt? How long will it take? What will I look like immediately after the surgery? How will my hair look one, three, six months after?

Peter, 45

This patient in his mid 40’s was bothered slightly more by the crown but also was looking to restore the front. After consultation with Dr. Papangelopoulos, the game plan was to take as many grafts as possible and reconstruct the hairline and frontal zone in addition to the crown to maximize the cosmetic benefit. With good laxity and decent density, Dr. Papangelopoulos and his team were able to harvest over 6000 grafts which was sufficient to provide complete coverage of the thinning areas.


Are you a good canditate for Hair Transplant Surgery?

If you have ever considered having hair restoration and/or travelling to a hair restoration clinic for surgery, your first step is to have an online consultation with us. Not only is this free but, more importantly, it will provide you with valuable information required to assist you in making the right decisions. This free consultation also enables us to evaluate if you are a good candidate for surgery and help provide a personalized quote for the cost.

No cost. No obligation. Not only is this consultation free but there is no obligation to proceed any further. We want each and every one of our patients to feel completely at ease every step of the way.

Get Started

Find out in a few simple steps if you are a good candidate for hair restoration. Our free online consultation form is quick and easy. Once submitted you will get an assessment back within 2-4 business days.

Approximate duration: 5 minutes to complete form

We’ll let you know:

  • If you’re a candidate for hair transplant surgery
  • Whether your goals can be realistically obtained
  • An estimate of the number of grafts required to achieve your goals
  • An estimate of cost for the procedure

Send Us Your Pictures

To help us provide an accurate estimate we ask you to send us your contact information, transplant history and pictures of your hair loss and donor area.

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